Ust. Abdul Mateen explaining Aspire's FORMULA to AL3C students
Ust. Abdul Mateen explaining Aspire’s FORMULA to AL3C students

If not all, majority of Muslims will always put an effort to complete reciting the entire Quran in Ramadan, or at least make an intention to do so,┬ábut have we ever asked ourselve as Muslims who believe in the Quran as the Book of Guidance for mankind: “Have we at put at least an intention, if not an effort to understand the Quran?” We need to be realize that the Translation of the Quran is different from the Quran itself. We have to make an effort to be able to understand the Quran in it’ native language, Arabic.

And that is why Aspire Institute of Quranic Coaching give an exclusive emphasis on developing Arabic Language programs with the primary objective of understanding the Quran in its original form. And so we have developed Arabic Language Classic Code.

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