Arabic Language Classic Code M1S8 – Oct ’12

Video Recording of Arabic Language Code Module 1 Session 8

by Ustaz Yazid – Saturday October 6, 2012.


!هَيَّا بِنَا إِلىَ المَسْجِد

Let’s go to the mosque!

Arabic Classic Conversation 101: Session 4

Desired Learning Outcomes:

1.Skills: Conversational; You will learn to introduce yourself and exchange basic information in Arabic.
2.Vocabulary: You will learn 9 High Frequency Words
3.Grammar: You will understand 1- basic grammatical distinctions between male (المُذَكَّر) and female (المُؤَنَّث) in form of verb. 2- Verb – present tense structure for 3rd person, male (المُذَكَّر) and female (المُؤَنَّث).

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