• Online Interactivities

At Aspire Institute, our effort to supplement your child’s madrasah education goes on 24/7. In addition to our group learning and personal coaching, your child will get the unlimited option to continue and practice doing their exercises any time of the day, any day of the week. This will definitely increase  the chances of improving your child’s academic performance. Take a look at our demo interactive exercises, they are just tip of the iceberg. Once enrolled, your child will receive tailor made exercises which compliments his/her strengths and eliminate his/her weaknesses.


  • My Parent, My Teacher Project

Who best to guarantee your child’s future other than yourself?

Here, Scholastics@AspireInstitute.com offers you the option to gain control of your child’s education by observing his/her progress, each step of the way. By opting-in for this program you will gain access to your child’s progress record. You will get to see when he/she does his/her exercise and how well the he/she does it, and how fast. Proceed to the Contact Us page to arrange for an appointment so we can better explain and provide you with a trial package.


  • The Future of Madrasah Tuition in Singapore

At AspireInstitute.com we observe the development of pedagogical methods as well as education technology. Since we focus on Islamic Education, our unique positioning in Singapore allows us to develop a tuition system exclusively for Madrasah students which will surprise parents. Please proceed to the Contact Us page to arrange for an appointment so we can better explain our state of the art tuition technology.