The Bond Between Knowledge and Wisdom; Celebrating The Bond Between Students and Teachers

The words of Al-Imaam Asy-Syafie’ r.a. 

always comes to mind when it comes to relationship between students and teachers. He said once in a poem:
“My brother, you can never achieve knowledge unless you have these six things, I will list them down in detail;

  1. Intelligence (Coz we need to be able to comprehend the message delivered written as well as beyond text)
  2. Desire (I like to say burning desire, for without burning desire we will give up easily)
  3. Perseverance (Need to be able to overcome challenges and hardships, these make life worth living)
  4. Maturity (in all aspect of being, spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual maturity)
  5. Companionship with Mentor (to me this is the most important one! Don’t you think so?)
  6. and a Long Life (like everything else knowledge needs time to grow)

I would like to share here some of the most impactful conversation I had with one of my mentor Ustaz Afandi.

One of My Mentor. Always closest to my heart, Ustaz Afandi Ahmad - Photo Courtesy of Pelajar ASWJ's Photostream

One of My Mentor. Always closest to my heart, Ustaz Afandi Ahmad – Photo Courtesy of Pelajar ASWJ’s Photostream

Once after I’ve finished my Quran reading session (talaqqi) with him He told me: “Yazid, you and me will be sharing our merits in front of Allah. For without you I’m not a teacher (masyaAllah look at his tawadhu’, until today I just can’t believe it!)
and without a teacher you are not a student! You complete me as I complete you.

This conversation is so special to me because it taught me that the bond between Knowledge and Wisdom is Our Bond With Our Teachers.
Beyond those sessions, lectures, and classes the conversation we have with our teachers is what develops our spirits and shapes our attributes.

May Allah bless our teachers and in this life and here after. Ameen.
Remember to learn from them even outside of classroom by listening to their words and observing their state.

To all teachers out there Happy Teachers Day! May Allah bless you and all my teachers with a wonderful life and great reward in hereafter. Ameen.

Yazid Bin Muhamad Salleh

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