Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Yesterday I extended an invitation for us to read, understand and memorize the verses 1-2 from Surah Al-Mulk. Today Let’s read, understand and memorize verse 3 from the surah.

Here are some of my reflections you may want to note about these verses:

1- The first verse implies that abundance materialize when we live in the Kingdom of Allah, He is very powerful over everything, nothing is impossible for Him.

2- The second verse teaches us that even death and life along with their magnificence are created by Allah s.w.t. the Magnificent. And the wisdom behind it is to observe which of us are most beautiful in our deed. Not most, not greatest, but beautiful in our deed.

3- The third verse which we are reading, understanding and memorizing today teaches us that the Kingdom of Allah is beautiful as it is perfect. The verse also challenges us to find imperfection in it. There is none. The imperfection that we see is the imperfection within our own self. For in His magnificent creation there is perfection in its imperfection which we do not yet have grasp the wisdom to understand all.

This verse also invites us to see within ourselves, to look for our own imperfection, the imperfection in our deed and in our conduct. The imperfection we see in others are signals inviting us to improve our own deed and beautify our own conduct. If we can understand this, then true beauty is truly within, – not without.

I hope this motivates you to read, understand and memorize verse 3 from Surah Al-Mulk.

InsyaAllah if Allah wills i see you tomorrow.

Until then please read, understand and memorize verse 3 today.












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