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ASPIRE Institute of Quranic Coaching

ASPIRE a concept at AspireInstitute.com
Here, at ASPIRE Institute, we only have one book; the Quran, and our life experiences are our teachers. Here, children experience personal interactive and live coaching which nurture them to be seekers…

The word ASPIRE itself translates the Institute’s philosophy. The first letter,A, is for ALLAH, the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, the source of this world that we live in, and we are in-tune with Him, the Source, via AL-QURAN.

S, the second letter in the word represents two actions that we do and learn to do consciously all the time, each and every single moment of the day; we consciously SEEand SAVOR each and every single experience that we have every single moment, and this gives us the skills and strengths for the following.

P, the letter in the third place stands for three virtues; PATIENCEPERSISTENCE and PERSEVERANCE. In order to build our immune system nature orders for us to be sick. The same order goes for our financial, emotional and spiritual life, we will be expose to undesirables but we know that they are just part of the order and it is as such to build a stronger and better us.

I, represent the four essential elements of the Institute; ISLAMIMAN,IHSAN and ILM (knowledge).

R, the fifth letter represent the five RUKUN (pillars) of Islam teachings SYAHADATAIN, SOLAT, ZAKAT, FASTING and HAJJ which symbolize five things that we practice everyday in order to attain fulfillment each day;REORIENT,  REVITALIZEREJOICEREJUVENATE, andRECOLLECT.

These practices cultivate within us the ENERGY to endeavor and arrive at the end of the word represented by the letter E, for EXCELLENCE. And that is what AspireInstitute.com is all about!

We experience life! We believe that each and every single one of us is “one in a million in life time” so is our child. Our very thumb is a testimony that our creation were intended to be irreplaceable, and our life is a about making our destiny happen. In the Quran, it exist with a destiny and love has given us the choice to choose our destiny. We are home for the journey is, within.

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