Quran Reading Class For Working Adults – Registration Is Now Open!


Aspire Institute of Quranic Coaching presents:

=Quran Reading Class For Working Adults=

Quran Reading Class For Working Adults

Quran Reading Class For Working Adults

= Quran Reading Class For Working Adults =


All students checking their reading

All students checking their reading

A once weekly program at Aspire Institute Yishun Campus and Tampines Campus for working adults.

– Module 1 (16 weeks): Basic Foundation ; Quran Reading for Beginners 
– Module 2 (32 weeks): Tajweed and Tahseen; Surahs Memorization with Tajweed and Understading

Saturday: 8:00am-10:00am or 10:15am-12:15pm
Sunday: 8:00am-10:00am or 10:15am-12:15pm

– Program shall commence 21st Sep 2013.
– Registration closes on 18th Sep 2013.
– Fees: $50/month. 
-Limited to 8-10 pax per class.
- to register: email registrations@aspireinstitute.com
– call/sms/whatsapp: 9777 9586 (Tampines) 9476 2653 (Yishun)


Small group coaching for better results

Small group coaching for better results

A program proudly brought to you by Aspire Institute of Quranic Coaching.

Our Campuses:

– Aspire Institute Tampines Campus: Blk 476, Tampines St. 44 #01-175, Singapore 520476. Tel: 9777 9586

– Aspire Institute Yishun Campus: Blk 106, Yishun Ring Road #02-199, Singapore 760106. Tel: 9476 2653


To Register:

Please fill out the information below and email to registrations@aspireinstitute.com.

1- Full Name:
2- Email Address:
3- Telephone Number: 
4- Campus of preference : 
5- Day and Timeslot preferred:
6- Payment Transaction details: Transaction Number, Date, Time,

To make payment, please do a bank transfer or transfer via internet banking to:

OCBC Current Account: 530-711985-001 (we prefer this one)


POSB Savings Account: 104-90320-7 (if you don’t have OCBC ACC)


Payment Details

1- $50 – Deposit
2- $50 – First Month Fee
3- $15 – Registration and Processing Fee

Total Payable: $115.00


Pay for the entire 1st Module (16weeks)
and save $65 (Deposit and Registration Fee waived)

Total Payable: $200.00 (Normal $265)

Payment should be made before 18 September 2013

Please send an sms to 9777 9586 / 9476 2653 for Tampines and Yishun Campus respectively, immediately after the transfer.
Your seat and arrangement for collection of book 
will the be confirmed.

We look forward to hear from you soon.
Ilal liqa’


For Registrations and Inquiries please:
SMS: 9777 9586 (Tampines), or 9476 2653 (Yishun)
EMAIL: registrations@aspireinstitute.com


  Get to know the Program Developer

Yazid Bin Muhamad Salleh

Ustaz Yazid Muhamad Salleh is a man who is in LOVE with the Quran.

He gets true happiness from the Quran. Whether to find a solution to a problem, or to get Inspired, or feel Motivated, each time he opens the Quran, it provides him with the answer he’s looking for.

The Quran is therefore a unique source of Motivation & Inspiration for Ustaz Yazid – as it should be for the rest of us, he feels.

This is why he calls the Quran ‘Our Life Coach’.

This is why he has made it his mission to share with us the powerful messages God has left for us in His Quran.

And this is why he set up Aspire Institute of Quranic Coaching; Read, Understand and Apply Al-Quran in LIFE.

 His Love Affair with the Quran began early: he began his Islamic & secular education at Singapore’s esteemed Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah & graduated 12 years later with a Graduate Scholarship award from the school.  Ustaz Yazid spent the next 5 years at the famous Al-Azhar University in Egypt to pursue his Bachelor Degree, where he majored in Arabic Language, Literature and Linguistics.

 Soon after his return to Singapore, he won another scholarship in 2007 – this time from MUIS – to pursue a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies from State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta.  His studies focused on the Quran, Phenomenology & Socio-Linguistics.

Three words come to mind when one encounters Ustaz Yazid & attempts to describe him:

Unique,  Inspired & Optimistic!


And now, Ustaz Yazid is ready to bring his Vision into Action:

He wants to develop an intellectually- & spiritually-vibrant Muslim community that gets Inspired & Motivated by

The Best Life Coach we have within our reach: The Holy Quran


Ustaz Yazid warmly invites you to join him on a beautiful journey of discovery of the Glorious Quran & how it can help us bring taufiq & success into our business – & our lives!