Tip of the day on Being More Positive with a verse from Al-Quran:

Day 9: Let’s Take A New Picture

Allah s.w.t. says in Surah Al-Nasr, verse 1:

﴾إِذَا جَاءَ نَصْرُ اللَّـهِ وَالْفَتْحُ ﴿١

When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest, (1)
Surah An-Nasr, 110:1

Most of us, if not all, have memorize the Surah An-Nasr, and we often read it in our prayers. Unfortunately the reason we read it often is because the surah is short, only 3 short verses, thus we can complete our prayer faster.

But let me introduce to you something about surah An-Nasr and what make it so special that you may already know. To me, Surah An-Nasr represents VISION, a PICTURE OF THE FUTURE. The surah was sent down to Rasulullah s.a.w. to uplift his spirit, that the future is bigger, better and happier than the present. This surah is then full of positive energy. Everyone will experience a more positive energy when given a more positive vision.

So the formula for more positive energy is E = V. Energy is equals to Vision. If you want more positive energy get a more positive vision.

Let me tell you something about myself. Since I was a kid, I love looking at the sky, it makes me breathe better, it clarifies my thoughts and it makes me feel happier. As a result I experience a better day when I look at the sky. As I grow older I learn to picture positive picture while looking at the sky. While looking at the sky I picture happy people that I know and love, then I put myself in that picture and i TAKE THE PICTURE. I put the picture in my heart and I start my work knowing that I am working for these people that I know, love and care about.

Today let’s look at the sky and take a picture of a better future for ourselves and the people around us. And while we are at it why not read the entire Surah An-Nasr and try to have a better understanding the next time we read it in our solah.

Today take an awesome picture and
Have a brighter, positive day!

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