>>> High Frequency Words of the Noble Quran <<<

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
With His Permission and Blessings during the 2nd and 3rd Quarter of this year we have initiated an effort to mainstream the language of the Quran using FB as a platform in the Kelas Bahasa Al-Quran FB Group in this link (

Initial response was very good until I had to focus on a research of High Frequency words in the Quran. By identifying words frequently used in the Quran we will be able to learn the Language of the Quran faster and more efficiently, it will also help those who embarked on the journey to memorize the Quran progress faster.

>>> Where will HFW be taught? <<<

This High Frequency Words in the Quran will be the highlight of MODUL 2 of KELAS BAHASA AL-QURAN which will start 7th January 2012 at Masjid Alkaff Kg Melayu. Participants will be introduced to the words frequently used in the Quran to speed-up their process in learning to understand the Noble Quran in its native language.

They will also be taught how to understand these words in the context of the Divine Revelation and how to use in daily conversation.

For the benefit of the facebook users we will also share HFW in this platform One word a week, we hope users will like and share with other users in FB

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