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It gives me great pleasure to share with you High Frequency Words from the Quran and its wisdom everyday.

Previously you’ve learned 20 High Frequency Words from the Quran, yesterday’s HFW being (حَتَّى). The HFW you will learn today is repeated for 96 times in the Quran. As of today you’ve learned 21 words from the Quran. Collectively these words are being used for 1811 times in the Quran! MasyaAllah! Let’s continue reading!

Today’s HFW of The Quran is wonderful!

HEAVEN is Allah’s promise for the believers. In this world they believe in Allah and His words, and they model after Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. life, working hard to spread the words of Allah to their generation and the next. For this hardwork Allah reward them with HEAVEN. In it they get everything that they ever dream of.

Rasulullah s.a.w. said: The wonderous rewards in Jannah, none have ever laid eyes on, or heard of, or even came across the anyone’s mind .

Your 21st High Frequency Word of the Quran:

Aspire list of HFW Number: #80


Transliteration: Jannah

Meaning: Heaven/Paradise

Meaning in Malay: Syurga

Frequency in the Quran: 96 times

First Mention in Quran: Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 25 (2:25)

Last Mention in Quran: Surah Al-Bayyinah, Verse 1 (98:8)

Today’s HFW is (جَنَّة) which means “HEAVEN/PARADISE”. “HEAVEN/PARADISE” is a reward from Allah s.w.t. for us. To get it, we have to earn it. Actually “HEAVEN/PARADISE” IS FOR US. When Allah created our father Prophet Adam a.s. HE placed him in JANNAH. Our life and deeds in this world are means to show that we want and accept that which is already given. JANNAH is definitely a wonderful reward for the believers. Their patience and harwork is momentary, but their reward is ETERNAL.

We remind ourselves of JANNAH as means to motivate ourselves, to encourage our spirits that this life is worth living when we live it FOR HEREAFTER. In the following verse Allah s.w.t. encourage us to motivate ourselves AND others with JANNAH and its REWARDS:

Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 25 (2:25), Allah says:

 “And give good tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds that they will have gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow. Whenever they are provided with a provision of fruit therefrom, they will say, “This is what we were provided with before.” And it is given to them in likeness. And they will have therein purified spouses, and they will abide therein eternally.”



JANNAH is real and the rewards Allah s.w.t. promised is real, it’s better than of this world and its eternal. A good trade is to sell something of lesser value for that which is far better. To sell of this short life for eternal great reward FROM Allah is THE GREATEST TRADE EVER. All this is when we are starting the journey, once we understood the journey what we want is to RUN to Allah.

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