High Frequency Word of The Quran #70: إِن


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

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It gives me great pleasure to share with you High Frequency Words from the Quran and its wisdom everyday.

Previously you’ve learned 30 High Frequency Words from the Quran, yesterday’s HFW being (رَحْمَة). The HFW you will learn today is repeated for 114 times in the Quran. As of today you’ve learned 31 words from the Quran. Collectively these words are being used for 2883 times in the Quran! MasyaAllah! Let’s continue reading!


I love the previous HFW and the one before it, it really helps me zoom in to that which matters the most; Allah s.w.t Ar-Raheem and His Rahmah.

Today’s HFW will teach us about the process of FOCUS. To focus means, to zoom-in your attention to just one thing and amplify it.

The linguistic process for that to take place is to negate. To negate things that doesn’t matter. The more things we allow to distract us, the lesser focus we are. The lesser things we allow to distract us, the more focus we are. That’s the formula for focus.

Today’s HFW is (ْإِن), which means NOT.  When you know how to use this word efficiently, It will help you to focus better on what really matter to you. If what you want is to get well, focus on health and being happy, think about the things that you will do with your loved ones when you are healthy and happy. Focus your thought on that. The people around you deserve your company, and you health and happiness will bring happiness to them, and they deserve that, and you deserve to see them happy.

Focus your though on that, and don’t think about anything else. If there’s any thought that comes to mind that disturbs that focus, just say this does not matter, and return your focus back to that which matters.

As believers and servants of Allah s.w.t. we believe that Allah is our focus, our qiblah and our center. That doesn’t mean you don’t have dream, and hope. It means that whatever is your hope Allah will help you get there, whatever is your dream Allah will facilitate your journey to reach there. The word of Allah is the best app to help us FOCUS HIM.

Today, when we pray for ourselves, and for others, remember to focus our thought on things that matter! And negate everything else that doesn’t matter. When anything that doesn’t matter come to mind, tell them off that you don’t matter.

Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “Ask from Allah when you are in a state of conviction of HIS answer to you.”

Observe your thoughts and only allow it to focus things that matter. Don’t waste your precious time by thinking about things that doesn’t.

Your 31st High Frequency Word of the Quran:

Aspire list of HFW Number: #70


Transliteration: in

Meaning: NOT

Meaning in Malay: tidaklah

Frequency in the Quran: 114 times

First Mention in Quran: Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 78 (2:78)

Last Mention in Quran: Surah At-Toriq, Verse 4 (86:4)

Surah At-Toriq, Verse 4 (86:4), Allah says:


“There is NOT a soul but that it has over it a protector.”



Every soul has protector! All of us belong to Allah, and we are his property, and Allah commands His angels to watch over all His belongings and properties, except those who chose not to accept to be watched by HIM!

Start observing the presence of Allah!

Start living with the Quran!

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