2nd Last Session of “Kelas Bahasa Al-Quran”




In the last session of “Kelas Bahasa Al-Quran”, Language of the Quran Class, a class dedicated towards the understanding of the meaning of the meaning of the Noble Quran straight form the Book, we did a comprehensive revision of the the grammatical concepts we’ve learned in this module. Such as the concept of:-


  1. Al-Fa’el الفاعل or the “do-er” i.e. the one who performs the action; that t he sigh for فاعل  is dhommah ضمة at the last letter of the word.
  2. The reaction of al-fe’elu al-madhi الفعل الماضي  (past tense) towards masculine and feminine form of فاعل . In Arabic grammatical terms we call masculine “muzakkarمذكر and feminine “muannasمؤنث .
  3. Al-Maf’ulu Bihi المفعول به the one receiving the action; that it’s sign is fathah فتحة  at the end.

The new grammatical concept we learned that day was:

  1. Harful Jar حرف الجر – preposition
  2. When a noun comes after حرف الجر  the last letter of the word will be kasrah كسرة .

At the end of the class we take a sneak-peak at what AspireInstitute.com has to offer. It will be adding more Arabic educational videos, to promote understanding of the meaning of the Noble Quran, to encourage visitors participation in learning the Language of the Quran the site has social site functionality like facebook where visitors can post links, photos, video links, and chat to exchange each others’ progress in understanding the Quran. The best part is the registration is free! Register here -> 

Next Saturday (12 Dec 2011) is the last session for the 2nd Module. And the 3rd module will start sometime in January 2012. For those who are interested in learning the Language of the Noble Quran , but are worrying about what they have missed out in the 2nd module, don’t worry! We have recorded the 2nd module, and will also be recording the 3rd module once it’s started!

To register for the 3rd module which will start in the January 2012, just leave a message at the members area